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Can I buy physical gift cards elsewhere that are compatible with Shopify POS?

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We have both a Shopify online store and a new brick-and-mortar so we are using Shopify POS. We have activated both online and hard copy gift card payment types. I need the gift card to accept more copy on the back of the card than the Shopify cards allow. 


Can I purchase physical gift cards someplace other than the Shopify store which will work on the Shopify POS?


If so, might anyone have a reference which allows for disclaimer information to be on the back of the card?



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Hi @KymLeibham ,


Great question, I'd love to see if we can help out here if we can.


We've built a new app called Gift Card Pro which is compatible with both online store and POS redemption. Essentially a QR code which is redeemable at POS is create along with the online store discount code.


Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 4.45.44 PM.png


So if purchased for POS the redemption involves just scanning the code. The page on which the QR code is printed allows for more copy to be added.


While this doesn't solve your primary issue of the printing on physical gift cards, I'd love to learn more about that and exactly what your requirements are.


If you wanted to get in touch here: perhaps we can set up a time to chat and go over your exact scope.



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