Can I create a downloadable pdf from my store?

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Hey Everyone, 

Does anyone know how I would go about getting placing a link on my store so that once clicked, a pdf would automatically download? 

I'm hoping to do this for my 'Returns Policy' so that in the event a customer wants to return a product, they can download the form from my website. 

Thanks in advance


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Hi Tom,

You should be able to do this by uploading the PDF to the files section of your Shopify admin:

Once you have that URL you can place it into your pages. Depending on how you're theme's setup you could use the following HTML:

<a href="">View Returns Policy</a>

Where "" is the URL you copied from before. 

Hope this helps!


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But it will only open the pdf on another tab. How to make it so that once clicked the pdf downloads automatically?

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That "mime-type" varies per browser/device (and every user in the world can change this setting themselves). @stemon  You would be best to open in a new window, and just let the browser do its thing.

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No opening to a different window. Download it directly from your store. No app needed, nor external library. Check the video for more information

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Hi @Tom_D1,


On Shopify, the PDF file will pop up in a new tab automatically. Your customers can preview the file and choose to download it with just a click. If you want the file to be downloaded right away, you can use a docs file instead.


By the way, I have a great suggestion for you 😊! There's a super useful, free Shopify app - Ease Product Attachments that lets you upload your files in different formats and showcase them on your product pages. That way, your customers can easily access and download them.

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You can check out the app demo first to see if it suits your needs before installing it.


I really hope my suggestion helps you out!

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