Can I customize products with dynamic data tables in an e-commerce food site?

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Hi everyone, I'm building an e-commerce website for a food business and wanted to check with the community to see if Shopify has the capabilities that I'm searching for.


Requirement #1:  custom products with dynamic data tables

  • Customer is able to build the product
  • Based on the customer's selection, the data table updates the calorie information
  • For example, Hamburger is 300 calories but if the customer selects cheese, then the calorie information gets updated to 500 calories, etc.


Requirement #2:  order deadline

  • Customers are required to place an order by a certain day/time for delivery on a certain day/time
  • For example, order by midnight Thursday for delivery on Sunday

I have more requirements but these are the two biggest ones that I have thus far.

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Yes it is possible.

Deepak Sharma || Shopify Developer || Helping eCommerce Stores
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Hi there, @relish1! Thanks for reaching out to the Shopify Community with your question around these Shopify capabilities! My name is Imogen. It's good to meet you!


Thank again for reaching out! The functionality you're looking for is definitely available using Shopify's software, but it not going to be something that's going to be available natively. You may need to purchase a premium theme for some of what you're looking for, as well as download some third party applications, or have some custom coding down for your site.

For example, for your first question, there are loads of 'product customization' apps that you can use to help customers build a product (like a burger) from a list if defined ingredidents. However, having the calorie total be added up and displayed properly may not be functionality built into some of these apps, and will likely involve some custom coding to facilitate perfectly.

As for your second question, there are third party apps, like this one here, that can help you define strict order timelines for your customer, letting them know that they have X amount of time left to order in order to be eligible for delivery by a particular date or time!


The only slightly complicated thing here seems to be the calorie counting and adding. If you're unable to find a third party app that's able to facilitate that functionality, you can look into hiring a Shopify Expert for help with this, or you can even look for helping with this specific functionality here within the Shopify Community!

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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