Can i do a discount buy 2 get other product for free but the product will appear in cart for free?

Can i do a discount buy 2 get other product for free but the product will appear in cart for free?

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I was wondering if i could make a discount buy 2 of the same product and get a different product ( one that i specified in the discount)

but in the way that they dont need to go away from cart in order to add that 3 different product for free.

so what i want to accomplish is that after they add to cart 2 of those same products they would get the third for  free but it would appear automatically in cart so they dont have to add it manually..

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Hi @michal22 If you are still looking for a solution to this, you can try using the Discount Depot APP, and create an automatic Buy X Get Y discount in it, where on adding 2 products to the cart the free gift will be auto-added to the cart itself. Please note it won't be possible using a discount code it can be achieved if you use automatic discount for the same. 

Let me know if the app was able to solve your issue.

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Hi @michal22 , thank you for posting here!
In your case, you can try using the app "BOGO+ | Easy Free Gift Upsell". It helps you create a Buy X Get Y campaign.
By setting up campaign with the rule: add to cart 2 product, then choose the option auto add and free gift. You will finish set up a sale campaign work in the way you want. 





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