Can I expedite my chargeback response submission before October 1st?

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 does this mean my chargeback response won't be sent to the customer's bank until October 1st? I talked to 3 shopify chat support and has been given different answer. First one insisted that it is just the estimated date. Second one confirmed the same and then changed his answer a few minutes later to " it will not be sent to reviewed earlier than October 1st" , the 3rd one has no clue and keep sending me articles to read instead. 

     Is there a way to get Shopify to submit my chargeback response and send to the customer's bank to review earlier than October 1st?  I've talked to the customer and she said it was a mistake and she've tried to contact her bank to cancel but the bank said since the chargeback has been processed, I'll have to submit the response and she will confirm with her bank that it was a mistake.  

   So I have submitted our email communication to the chargeback response and I want Shopify to pass it to the customer's bank right away instead of waiitng till October 1st so I can get this over with. Anyone has any experience about this? Any input would be appreciated. TIA


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