Can I get a refund for my Shopify subscription?

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Hey, so I havent been active on shopify in maybe 1-2 months and I didnt realise that my subsription was still on. Today I got charged 40$ for my shopify that I dont even use. I deleted shopify from my phone and thought my plan cancel. I know Shopify dont do refunds but is it possible to make an exception? Thank you 🙏 

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Hi @GadgetCookie,


Thanks for being part of the community, and sorry to hear you left Shopify so soon. If you're looking for a refund, you need to discuss it with the Financial Team at Shopify. To do so, please reach out to a Shopify Advisor through the Help Center: You'll first discuss with an AI - Describe your issue and then ask for human assistance/ a Shopify Advisor.

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Hi, GadgetCookie

I hope you are doing Great

You can still contact Shopify Support to clarify the situation if you were charged for a membership that you no longer use or plan to use. Shopify usually doesn't offer refunds, but in some cases—especially if you haven't used the site for a while and didn't realize your subscription was still active—they may make an exception. you need to Contact Shopify Support, Explain Your Situation, Provide Relevant Details, Be Patient and Persistent, Consider Alternative Solutions.

In the end the decision to issue a refund rests with Shopify, and there's no guarantee that your request will be approved. However, it's worth reaching out to Shopify Support to explain your situation and see if they can offer any assistance.

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