Can I have a shipping fee for perishable items?

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I have a website where I have perishable and non perishable, general products. I want the flat shipping fee to be 15 dollars, but if a customer adds any perishable items, the rate increases by 5 dollars. If I make the shipping rate for perishables 5 dollars and if my cart has both perishable and non perishable, it adds 5 to the 15 shipping rate. However, this causes a cart with only perishables to cost 5 dollars shipping instead of 15 flat rate plus 5 fee. Is there a way I can have a condition that adds a fee if the cart has a perishable item without having that fee be the only price if there’s only perishable items?

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Hello @Taktakna ,


That's how the combined shipping rates work in Shopify.


One workaround is to adjust the weight of the products accordingly:

  • Product weight for perishable products: 3 kg
  • Product weight for non-perishable products: 1 kg

Now you configure shipping rates based on weight:

  • 0-1 kg: $15
  • 3-4 kg: $20
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