Can I make a collection that matches products where the product type is blank?

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I want a category for all my products that don't have the "product type" specified.


I thought this would be possible by setting the conditions like this:




But if I try to do this, it says:

There is 1 error with this collection:

Enter some text for Product type is equal to.


Is there any other way to accomplish this? (or suggest to shopify to allow empty values)

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  1. From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to "Products" and select "All products."
  2. Filter the products to show only the ones that don't have a "Product type" specified. You can do this by clicking on the "Product type" filter and selecting the option for products without a specified type.
  3. Select all the products that don't have a "Product type."
  4. Add a unique tag to these selected products. For example, you can create a tag like "Uncategorized" and add it to all the selected products.
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To be honest that's not much of a solution... I've got over 6,000 products in my catalogue, so you're suggesting I go through each page and tag them... if that's the case, why wouldn't I just set the product type and be done with it?


What people want this for is to get a list of products they haven't added Product Types too yet, so having to tag things just to see which ones aren't done is very-much counter-productive and in my opinion, a bloody big waste of time, especially on a large catalogue.


The limitation from Shopify of not being able to select "no product type" on their list of Product Types is pretty damned short-sighted.


They also display their list of products so you can't modify any of the fields being displayed, which would be extremely helpful, especially for people that have absolutely no interest in seeing a field like "Vendor" if they don't use it, and sure, you'll probably come back with, "use the bulk editor" though the reality is, it would be handy nevertheless to be able to customise the view of your main Products screen to how you work with your own workflow (i.e. I'd far prefer to have the price (and price range for variants) displaying than the vendor.









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I am not sure about collection but I was able to filter on products page like below


just one double quote. Hope this helps. It is really annoying to not have an option to filter empty values for any field on such an advanced product.