Re: Can I Remove TikTok's Warning When Linking to My Shopify Store?

Can I Remove TikTok's Warning When Linking to My Shopify Store?

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Hey so I am trying to market my Dropshipping store on tiktok but on tiktok when someone click my link in the bio it says this before they enter the store, (You're about to open a link "Website Link" You're about to open an external website. Be cautious and keep your personal information safe) Why is it saying this and how would I fix this?

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It's just an extra safety measurement taken by TikTok to protect it's users. You can put any website there, same thing will happen. It only happens if they click the link from your bio. Shouldn't happen with the ads.

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I understand but when I do that with other peoples bio that sort of page does not pop up, it only pops up for mine. 

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Hi Sunny, I'm posting this in different threads that have the same similar issue. This most likely will be the only resolution which is very basic that no one would ever really know.


Firstly, understand this, I learned this a few years back but when it comes to TikTok, specifically when running ads, you have to add https://www. before your links or else they will most likely stop your ads because they see it as unsafe.


With this knowledge, I truly believe that if you add that in front of your website (yes the entire https://www.) then it shouldn't show that "unsafe website" message. I believe this should work as I don't have a TikTok with link in bio right now but I'm just very familiar with TikTok rules 🙂 

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Hi, Did you end up finding a solution? I’m having that problem now