Can I sell games on shopify?

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A lot of people love Steam and other popular platforms. But here's the question: can I build my own gaming business from scratch? The concept is this: I sell a small number of games, but very cheaply. What do you think?

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Hi, @Cybergirl.


Great question!


Have you already created / starting building your own Shopify store? 


I found a Shopify resource that can certainly help you create your own gaming business or sell games online. We have a wide variety of apps listed on our App Store to help you sell video games and mobile app games online. I recommend reading through the resource shared above as it can give you some tips on how to price your games and list your prices.


I'd love to hear more about what type of gaming business you're looking to build and what kind of online games you're looking to sell.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi, the idea sounds interesting. I mean, am I correct in assuming that it would be about the same as with craft beer? Or is it different? I mean, I think of it this way: you sell a few dozen or hundreds copies of games very cheaply, but you have to sign up in advance to do it? Anyway, the idea is new and looks pretty promising to me. When I was a kid, I liked the fact that you could download games for free and you wouldn't get anything for it. But those times are over and I want to pay something to the developer. Although I admit honestly, I would like to pay less.

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I also have a question on it because i also wants to sell games on shopify. I am a game developer i recently released  a decision making game that is yes or no wheel. If your problem was solved please also guide me to solve this issue,

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I also want to sale some games on shopify such as yes or no button or more amazing games.


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I heard that GTA 6 trailer is going to be launched on shopify