Can I set product listing or product detail page as default homepage(without redirect)?

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Dear all,


Is it possible to set the product listing page or the product page as default when you open the homepage "/"?


I found some alternatives but just making an url redirect to "/products" or "/product-1".


Could you help to solve that?

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Hello @jeantleman,


Yes, that's possible with the help of custom code or either the use of third-party apps. We have enlisted the methods to achieve the same, hope you find them convenient.


  1. Customize your homepage: You can customize the template to resemble a product listing or detail page. You can create sections or blocks that showcase your products and their details. While it won't be an actual product listing or detail page, it can give a similar visual appearance.


  1. Use a custom landing page: Create a custom landing page using the page editor in Shopify. You can design the page to look like a product listing or detail page and include the necessary elements and information. Then, set this landing page as the default homepage for your store.


The above methods require custom coding to do the same, while the below method can be obtained with the help of a custom code. 


  1. Utilize a Shopify app: Several Shopify apps are available in the Shopify App Store that allows you to create custom landing pages or modify the default homepage behavior. These apps provide additional flexibility and may offer features to showcase products in a listing or detail format on the homepage.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you need more help with your Shopify store. 




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@Cedcommerce, thanks for reply.


I would not like to create a new page from scratch trying to achieving the same page design of listing product or detail products.


I need a simple solution: just set the listing product or detail page as home-page default template. Is it possible?

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Did you figure out if this was possible? I've been trying to do this and haven't figured a simple way either.

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Did you figure it out? Im trying to do the same thing can't find anything