Can I set up a Charity Item in my Store!

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As part of my makers process, I often have left over material at which stage I make mini turtle ornaments to save waste.


I could just sell them as a mystery colour turtle however I would love to be able to list them as a charity item.  So have the sales from just this one product automatically go to a charity.  I can see apps that allow customers to donate to charities at checkout but not ones that are connected to certain products.  Is this possible?

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Hi @AtHomeWithAnnie, welcome to the Shopify community! 

I think it's an awesome idea to sell your turtles and donate the proceeds to charity. I would love to check out your website also, if you don't mind sharing. I can't pass up seeing a cute turtle ornament. 


I searched through several charity apps and based on the app descriptions, none of the ones I found say they have that feature, but I feel as if it should be a basic feature for a charity app since there are businesses that do exactly what you want to do. 

I think the best thing would be to contact the support of one or two of the apps and ask them directly. Maybe this is something that is not being communicated well on the app pages. Give it a try with the Easy Donations app, or the Change Commerce ‑ Donation App.

Kitana | Shopify 
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Hey Kitana, thank you for your reply.  I agree it should be a basic feature so I’ll get onto messaging them.  Would love for customers to choose their own charity at checkout but that might be asking too much 😂

My site is I love how unique the turtles are 😍😍

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Hey @AtHomeWithAnnie 
Do you have any news on this topic? 🙂
I would also love for customers to choose their own charity at checkout but that is still not possible, is it?