Can metafields help me? Product Description issue.

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The problem we are currently having is Google shopping is blocking some of our products due to the 5000 character limit.


Here is an example:


If you will notice to the right of the product description we have a box titled “More Information”

Currently, to get the info into the “More Information” box we are adding a H4 tag to items to show up here.


All of this is done in the “Product Description” area when adding a new product. This is causing the problem. Some products like the one in the link have more than 5000 characters within the product description in Shopify.


I have been told to use metafields to fix this problem. Maybe I don't understand them that well but each product will have different information in these fields. It is my understanding that metafields are good for things that can be applied to multiple products. 


Again, it could be that I just don't understand metafields.  


If possible I would prefer to code something rather than use an app. If possible.


Thank you for your time.

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Hi Jamiec

Yes seem you get it little bit wrong.
Meta-fields are just like the other product property. And these value can be same or different for every/any products.
You can find more details about meta-fields in this link.
So in your case if you want some part of your description can be managed with Meta-fields. So that the length of your description can decreased.
And you can manage it with free 3rd party app.
You can find this app here.

Please let me know it was helpful.

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Thank you for your response. I did reach out to Metafields Gurus and they told me that yes, metafields would help but there app would not.  I will dig into metafields more and see if I can fix this.


thank you.

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Hi! Any update if you figured out how to fix this issue?