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Can my Shopify storefront support multiple affiliates or resellers that sell thru my store ???

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Hypothetical scenario...


I would like to help older people buy and sell vintage fishing tackle thru a private online network centered upon my Shopify store. To do this, each buyer would be a private member of the site, and each seller would be an affiliate of my Shopify store, with their own individual "tackle box" (i.e. mini storefront) where they could post the vintage fishing tackle they have for sale.


Is something like that ^^^ possible directly on Shopify ???

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Hi @TheImageDoctor 

We call it b2b, or business to business. Yes, this is currently supported with Shopify. You can read more information here

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Thanks for taking time to reply and I've reviewed the B2B specs. While they are quite robust, I cannot determine which combination of features/functions would actually support the specific needs identified above. Seems we need an expert on Shopify stores to work with...

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Modifying the request above... we're in a bit of a rush and don't have enough time to learn Shopify inside-out for ourselves. We need an expert in Shopify stores to help us determine for sure whether or not our specific requirements are supported by Shopify + Shopify Apps.


Where do we turn for assistance ???