Can No Longer Upload Images via URL form Nny of My 20+ Suppliers Websites

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About two weeks ago we saw a big change in the admin regarding how images are uploaded to product pages.  There is no longer an Upload from URL button.  We now have to click Upload Existing and then add an image via URL to Content.  When this change was made Shopify will no longer upload images via URL links from any of my 20+ suppliers.  Shopify support has been terrible over the past two weeks.  They keep investigating and have come back with excuses but have not acknowledged that they made a change that caused this.


I can no longer continue adding images and editing products the way I have been doing this for years.  I have a lot of work to do but am hualted.  Years of building businesses on the platform I realize Shopify is not for real businesses.  support went from great to almost non existent and business owners who run their businesses on SHopify are treated as if this is a hobby.  absolutely hate myself for choosing Shopify 

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