Can not access Shopify support, anyone else?

Can not access Shopify support, anyone else?

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Is anyone else getting a window saying  ''There's a problem loading this page'' when trying to contact Shopify support? Been getting this for two days in a row now, very frustrating

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Hi @commetaa. You can perform the following simple steps in the hope of receiving prompt support from Shopify:

  • Clear browser cache & cookies

  • Try a different browser

  • Check Shopify's status page: Visit the Shopify Status Page to see if there are any ongoing issues that might be affecting the platform.

  • Use the Shopify mobile app: Some users have reported that accessing the Shopify admin or support through the mobile app works even when the desktop version does not.

  • Contact through alternative channels: try contacting Shopify support via their social media channels (such as LinkedIn or Facebook) or through direct email if available.

If none of these steps work, it might be a temporary issue on Shopify's end, and waiting a while before trying again could be the best option.

Best wishes. 

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