Can not delete my products. All Products - Actions - Delete selected products

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Fall 2020 and I have to delete more than 1000 products in small batches (!!). The 'delete all products' simply doesn't work. It doesn't give any feedback either... it says it will delete the products but nothing happens.

And even when deleting small batches (50 products at once), sometimes I have to delete the same batch several times because Shopify fails. Not good.

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Just adding another voice here. It's hard to put into words how sad this is. It's not some expanded feature. If you cannot add and delete products without error you don't even support basic functionality to ship this to a customer.

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I tried to delete my products and it didnt work

Instead the solution for me was just naming all the products I wanted to delete: "0"

Then I went to collections and removed/deleted all the products named "0"

thereby the products didnt appear anymore on the webshop


but to do that you have to:

1 go to "products" -> "collections" and make a collection naming it like "clothing collection"

2 then go to online store -> navigation -> main menu -> add menu item named like "clothing" and for link fill in "clothing colllection" (now it appears on your webshop)

3 then go to "products" -> "collections" adding the products you want to the "clothing collection" (to the collection you made appearing on your webshop)

4 and then you can just remove products from the collection that you dont want and add products you do want

so basically deleting products doesn't work, but deleting products from collections does work and in the end it achieves the same of them not appearing aynmore on your webshop


tip: name the products you want to delete just all "0" so in a collection

you can search "0" and delete them all



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I want to delete all my product at once and I have over 3,000 plus items, do I do delete everything at once?


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Also getting this issue, Jul 2021

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Hi @PookSolutions 

Thank you for reaching out, I understand that you are having issues with deleting all the products in your store. When selecting a large group of products, the delete option should remove every item in your store over time. With large catalogues, it isn't instant but you should see the inventory numbers decreasing over the next few hours. An easy way to check this is by adding /count.json to the end of your products list URL in the admin. 

Example: <yourstoreurl>/admin/products/count.json

This will give you a real time count of your inventory. If the number is not decreasing over time, or if it stops decreasing when there are more to delete, please reach out to our live support so that we can escalate this to our technical team on your beha...

Thank you!


Shay | Support Advisor @ Shopify 
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same issue here... how is this still a problem.


doing my head in