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Can not disable SMS messaging fo order status to customers

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According to the documentation setting this in Checkout settings:


should disable SMS messaging.  However it doesn't, Shopify continues to send messages:


A different post:

seems to imply that Shopify will send a SMS if it finds a phone number and ignores other settings?

I found some other things that suggested there's a flag in the customer contact info to disable SMS messaging but I can not find any.

I want to shut of SMS for all customers unless they specifically request it when they place an order.  This includes orders entered manually.  I *thought* that was what this option did:


i.e. they would have to specifically opt-in to get a SMS.  If allowing them to select it means they get an SMS regardless of the selection or it's defaulted to ON and no way to disable it then I would just disable this option and presumably then the system would only send emails?

We require both a phone number and email address to process an order. 

Where's the OFF switch for SMS?




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