Can Shopify automate repeat orders for customers?

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We have several regular customers who place weekly/monthly orders, well, we do it for them.  Currently use a task reminder on calendar then send the invoice to the customer on given date.  

It is getting a bit unwieldy now and wonder if Shopify can do it for us

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @Lesley_Osborne,


Happy to help. I think you have a few options, you could use:

  • An order calendar app like this. This would allow your regular customers to schedule their weekly / monthly orders automatically, without you having to set task reminders
  • Alternatively, you could use a subscription app (like Shopify Subscription, Skio or Recharge) to secure repeat orders over recurring increments 

Hopefully both are options to help make less unwieldy for you. Happy to support, if you have any further questions.