Can't connect Fb with Shopify

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Good day everyone.

I have struggled with this issue for way too long and I simply have no idea what I am doing wrong.

It's rather complicated so hang in tight.


So the first problem i ran into was this


I still dont understand what I am doing wrong, I created the page from my own facebook account, just like it want's me to do. I dont understand how I am meant to "connect it with a business account". I then looked at some other shopify community posts to see if anyone had the same problem. 


Some did, but the way they fixed it is for example by going to the settings in facebook,

going to something called "templates and tabs", and this is where it gets interesting.

That dosen't exist for me and some other guys in the comment section.


Maybe this is just how facebook is now, I don't know, what I do know is that every time there seems to be a solution, the feature simply isn't available for me.


I hope someone has the answer you guys are usually extremely talented with this stuff, so excuse me if I whined too much.

thanks in advance.


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For some reason the connect button turned from gray to green, I don't have an explanation.