Can't create a customer account, incorrect email or password

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Hi there

I'm having some trouble with creating customer accounts on our store. We're using the Dawn theme, slightly customized

When clicking on Create account, I then enter a new name and email and password, go through the recaptcha, then am prompted with 'Please adjust the following: Incorrect email or password'

The account is not created in admin/customers, and clicking on Forgot your password for an account I've manually created in admin, also doesn't work



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I am also facing the same issue as you, when I disable ReCaptcha the error gets removed but can't log in same as before,

please tag me when you find practical solution 


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Hey @stiviniii 

I didn't find a fix particular to this issue, but ours seems to be working now, even with captcha on.

The only thing that I can think of that fixed it, was an issue where the CSS was not applying correctly to the account login page

It's discussed on this GitHub issue:

Basically, go to theme.liquid in the code editor, and in the root class block, change any instances of

{{ }}


{{ settings.____| color_extract: 'red' }}

where ____ is an identifier such colors_text or colors_background_1 and do the same for blue and green as well

Hope this helps fix yours too. Post back how you go