Can't get through to support

Can't get through to support

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Have not been able to get through to support for months, any tips? If you click the link from Shopify interface, it takes me to the chat page but it repeatedly won't load. On the days that it does load, you are supposed to be able to get to support through the bot, but THAT DOES NOT WORK.  I have literally asked for a representative 30-40 times in one sitting and it refuses to let you access support. They won't even respond on Instagram!  There is also this link, but when you fill that out it just closes and does not open a chat window.   I have tried clearing cookies, Incognito, multiple devices and other browsers.  This has gone on for several months. Are they doing this intentionally?  Does anyone have a solution?  

Shopify employees: please do not just repeat one of the options above. 





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Hi @Jessica_Thompso !


I tried to check the link that you sent, and I was able to connect with a support on their Account Support website. Try to connect with them again.




Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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