Can't publish my facebook shop

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Hi there,

I have spent so much time on this and triple checked everything, and i still cant publish my facebook shop to enable instagram shopping. I have no idea what i have done wrong but when i go to publish the publish button is greyed out. When I place the cursor over the greyed out publish button it says 'this cannot be published as my commerce account didn't pass the review'. Also when i go to my commerce account everything seems to be working fine. And when i go to my catalogue manager is says:

"Your shop can't be published
After reviewing your commerce account, we found that it doesn't follow our Merchant Agreement so your shop isn't visible to potential customers. You can contact support for more information."
All my accounts are approved and linked, and my instagram shopping is ready to go, all that is left to do is publish my shop, but I am unable to. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Anna
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Did you ever get this issues resolved? I'm having the same issue with one of my shops. The first one I set up without any issues at all, but my second shop I can't figure it out and I have the same error message showing up in Shopify.