can't reach out to shopify trust & safety team about termination

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Hello Shopify Community,


 I received an email from Shopify Trust & Safety Team indicating the termination of my store due to an alleged violation of Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This came as a surprise since I am confident that I have not breached any of Shopify's policies. To ensure accuracy, I carefully reviewed Shopify's AUP on their website, and I found no indications of potential violations.

In response to the termination notice, I followed the link provided in the email to submit an appeal. I provided an explanation of the situation, hoping for a prompt resolution. However, despite my attempts, I have not heard anything from Shopify since. They haven't even confirmed receiving my appeal, let alone provided an update or response.

i spoke with support and he told me that was the problem there were some concerns about the shop subscription and the credit card associated with your account. This has led to your store being temporarily closed  & sometimes, the  system might flag certain activities as unusual, which could lead to temporary store closures.

Ticket ID: 70e8a1a3-29cc-48e4-aec7-522615a9a531


While I understand that Shopify Trust & Safety Team may be experiencing a high volume of inquiries, the lack of communication is causing both stress and uncertainty on my end.


But we are also a company, and stopping something means stopping everything. This does not bode well.


his situation has led me to question Shopify's customer approach. Is this level of delay and lack of response typical for customer support inquiries? I'm considering exploring other platforms due to this experience.

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I am having this same issue and can’t seem to get answers .. this is foolishness . And they are holding $870 for me. 

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They don't care. they will say email them back in which they wont respond and that's it all your hard work down the drain s they only care wasting peoples time. They cant conduct business obviously. 

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It’s been 5 months now and I still can’t receive my payout that they claim was to be held 120 days. This is really frustrating.