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Can't Sell Anything

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I am having trouble selling items on my store. Im not sure what else to do. I am currently running facebook ads but they arent working at the moment. I can only get 15 views a day but no one is buying. How do i get people to buy products off my site. Here is my site.

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Dalton!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I took a look at your store and can tell that you have definitely worked hard to build your website! I have some suggestions - little tweaks really - that can help your website have a more professional look which in turn will help customers purchase from you.

1) When it comes to websites, we recommend having a domain name. Having a domain name on your website instead of using the URL as your website address is seen as being more professional in the eyes of customers. You can purchase a domain name from Shopify starting from $14 USD/year by logging into your Shopify admin and clicking Online Store > Domains > and selecting Buy New Domain. You can also use a third-party domain service such as Go Daddy to purchase your domain and connect it to your Shopify store. 

2) I feel your About Us page could use some more work personalization. We have a great blog post called How to Get a Date With George Clooney (or Write the Perfect E-commerce About Page) that I recommend reading because it has great insights to help you set that up. I read this blog post myself - there was nothing about how to get a date with George Clooney but it was still a great read!

3) You may want to change the collection titled Homepage to First Aid or something else so that when customers are viewing your website they are not confused about what the Homepage Collection means. You can also call it something like Staff Picks so that way you can have an assortment of different products.

4) Currently, your collection pages are in a Collage format. This is when some products are larger and others are smaller. You can also make it a Grid format if you prefer. To make it a Grid format login to your Shopify admin and click Online Store > click the Customize button next to your theme > Scroll down the right hand side of the page where your website is showing and click on any of your collections > Click the option on the left sidebar that says Collection Pages. Change the option on the left side from Collage to Grid and click Save. This will change all of your collection pages at the same time. This is optional of course.

5) Shopify has the option to add a contact page template on your contact page so that your customers can write a message on your contact page. The message that they write gets sent as an email to the email address that is listed in your Shopify admin under Settings > General > under Customer Email.

To add the contact page template to your Contact Page login to your Shopify admin and click Online Store > Pages > click on your Contact Page > on the right side change the template to and click Save. You can view your online store and see that your Contact Page has been changed.

6) To make it easier for your customers to navigate your website I recommend having a drop-down menu under the word Catalog for your collections. We have a help document about creating drop-down menus here with instructions.

7) There is a black announcement bar on the top of your website that says Announce Something Here. You can add information to this bar or remove it by clicking Online Store > Customize > click Header > scroll down the left sidebar until you see the section called Announcement Bar. When you make changes just be sure to click Save when you are done.

😎 To bring traffic to your website and improve your website SEO, I highly recommend starting and maintaining a blog on your website. We have a blog post with more details called Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that I recommend to everyone starting a blog to increase traffic to their websites!

Have a wonderful day and best wishes with your store!

Jade | Shopify 
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hey im having a hard time going on my store and not able to sell or click anything to open futhur options such as color etc , i am using oberlo through aliexpress but i dont kno why i cant click nothing on my  site (iits not finished yet) here is my online store website ....................................