Can users make changes on a theme simultaneously

Can users make changes on a theme simultaneously

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I have been looking for a solution for the issue below. I'm just reposting it here as the issue is still relevant (unless it has been resolved already). It is really counter-productive and frustrating to only have one person at the time to make changes on a theme, even though working on different pages.


Original Post:
"Is there a way to have users customize the theme simultaneously for various pages? It seems concurrent updates to different pages of the theme invokes the "content override" dialog box. 

For example,

  1. UserA and UserB go to the themes and select "Customize" for the theme. 
  2. It brings them to the homepage with all of the blocks that compose it. 
  3. User A navigates to the Contact Us page to make edits to the blocks there.
  4. User B makes minor edits to the blocks on the home page
  5. User A completes updates and hits 'Save' is successful
  6. User B completes updates and hits 'Save'...and is met with a content override modal box. Asking them to override the theme changes or refresh (losing all of User B's current progress)

Is there anyway around this? We have a lot of content that needs to be entered. It would slow our progress if only one person can make these updates."

user Kschick98. 2021. How to have users make theme edits simultaneously. 08 May 2021. Online. Available at: (Accessed 26 June 2024)

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Hey Japhet,

You have 2 ways to work in a theme simultaneously, but both is using shopify developers tools and every person needs create a develop theme to merge to main theme, the tools:
1: Shopify theme kit
2: Shopify CLI

but via the editor is complicate to do work in a theme simultaneously, so I dont recommend.

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Hello Jhonnrodr, 

I'm new to shopify and I too, are running into the same problem. The company I work for has ALOT of content that needs to be built, and to have only one user access the 'customize' section for the entire webstore is prohibiting the team from working as efficiently as possible. Each user is working on a different section of the same webstore/website creating and building new "landing pages" or editing existing ones. You mentioned above that there are two ways to work in a theme simultaneously, but when I click on the two links, I am totally lost in all the words—I have no idea what is being said—I don't see a definitive answer, only another discussion with no solution. You also said that you don't recommnend something because it is complicated. 

Are you saying there is absolutely no way for multiple users to work on the same website at the same time without jumping through hoops and going through alot of complication? How about a 3rd party extension? Would you know of an add-on extension that will solve this problem? 

Thank you for your time.