Can we arrange for direct shipments to add personal touches?

Can we arrange for direct shipments to add personal touches?

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Hi, is it possible to have all deliveries shipped directly to us so that we can add personal touches (wrap, put a thank you card in etc.) and then we ship to the customer?

If so, does anyone know how this can be set up?

Thank you

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Hi, @Madeira

Great question. Are you using a dropshipping service for your products right now? If yes, which service or app are you using? If you are dropshipping, my initial thought is that this should be possible, but this may depend on the app or service you are using. 

For example, if you are using Oberlo, when you place an order through AliExpress for what your customer has purchased, you could change the shipping address to your own.

Depending on what you're planning to charge for shipping, you may want to adjust your shipping rates since the orders will be shipping twice; once from your dropshipping supplier to you, and then from you to your customer. This strategy could also affect how long your shipping times will be for the customer, so make sure you update your shipping policy and expected timelines to reflect this. We have a great blog article on planning your shipping strategy if you're interested. 

If you are not dropshipping, can you please explain how your supply chain works? This way I can make some other suggestions. I love this idea!

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