Can we create a 100% discount code (Order + Shipping)?

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In order to run through some test orders for new features and digital downloads we have added to our site, I submit a test order for myself from time to time. I have created a 100% discount code (that applies only to my email address), but it is only applicable for the items in the order. I would like to also be able to zero out the shipping on top of the items in the order, so that I am not charging and refunding myself the shipping every time I need to do this.

Is there a way to create a full 100% discount code that would cover both the items in the order + shipping, or can Shopify create an admin only discount code for this purpose?

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Hi OlympiaCoffee,


Hope you're doing well. I'm Sasank, Co-founder of Zula. We recently launched our app - Wire which enables digital downloads and sales of files, URLs and freeform text.

To address this very use case, we have a feature called -"Friend Link" which you could use to access the product anytime and even share it for free with your friends and family 🙂 


Please check wire here - . We have a 14 day trial for our new users.


Alternatively, you can always create a mock order in Shopify - In 'Orders' section -> Create Order -> Select customer (yourself) -> Select Product -> Click dropdown against 'Collect Payment' -> Mark as paid.

Hope this addressed your concern.





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Hi @OlympiaCoffee ,


For testing purposes it is better to create a gift card. You can create a Gift card for your email address and use that Gift card code at checkout. It will cover both shipping and product charges. 


Hope this helps. 🙂