Can we develop a mobile app for our online store?

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Hello everyone! 
I have a question and hope that someone can help ne with it^

We have an online store on shopify and want to develope a mobile app for IOS and Android.
Is it possible to develope an app with shopify? And how we can do it?

Best regars.

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You can't make a mobile app for IOS and Android with Shopify. To make a mobile App, you need to use an App builder such as Appy Pie & Siberian CMS.

After make the App, you have to submit the App to Apple App Store & Google Play to get approval. After your App is approved & listed in Apple App Store & Google Play, your clients have to download it. 


In my opinion, Shopify is good enough until you have hundreds & thousands of visitors on your Shopify store everyday.

Hope this helps.

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Hi there,

It is not possible to have a ready made mobile app from shopify store. 

You can develop app for your store using Shopify APIs, but please take note that this will be like creating a new system.

I have seen some companies that claim to easily convert Shopify store to app, like, but I have not used them. 

Just sharing for informative purposes only. I am not associated to plobal in any way.


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Yes it's possible. This app is fully customizable. You can ask the team to set up iOS and Android apps quickly

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There are a LOT of mobile app builders on Shopify's app store today. It can be pretty hard to decide which one is best and many get quite expensive just for enabling basic features. Unfortunately, their mobile apps generally still suffer a bit from poor design and implementation, making them clunkier than your mobile website in some ways. This is what led me and other friends from big tech to build Hex, an alternative that offers a truly best in class customer experience (which is the whole point of a mobile app in the first place).


Try Hex


Reach out to us at and we can hook you up with a special discount and help you get your app configured. Just mention this post. 


Cheers! 🔮

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