Can we restrict sales on a specific collection of products unless bought with other products?

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In Quebec (Canada), in order to sell wine to their customers, restaurants have to sell food with the wine. But it can be any type of food really (a cookie would do the trick). In the restaurant itself, the rule is easy to follow, but how can we manage that on a Shopify website? Is there a Shopify app that can restrict alcohol sales unless bought with products from another category? For example, if a customer added a bottle a wine to his cart, the website would suggest items from the food collection AND restrict the sale without food items.

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With custom code you can achieve this.
Logic is you have to read the cart items in collection and single product page. If cart item is a food item then enable 'Add to cart' on wine product else show custom message like 'You have to purchase a food product before wine' or something related. 
And same logic have to implement on cart page so in case if user remove food product and try to checkout directly with wine product then show them custom message.


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