Can you customize CSV templates for orders in Shopify?

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Hello Shopify Community,

I'm currently working with Shopify and I have a question regarding the customization of orders CSV templates. Specifically, I'd like to know if it's possible to modify the pre-built CSV templates for orders to accommodate additional columns or data fields based on user demand.

I understand that Shopify provides pre-built CSV templates for orders, but our business has specific requirements that may necessitate additional data to be included in these templates. For example, we may need to add custom fields such as additional product information, or internal tracking IDs to the order CSV exports.

Is there a way to extend or customize the orders CSV templates in Shopify to include such additional data fields? If not, what would be the recommended approach to achieve this level of customization? I've considered using custom fields or metafields via the Shopify API, but I'd like to know if there are any alternatives or best practices for handling this scenario.

Any insights, guidance, or experiences from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @akshaydu98 


If I understand your question correctly, you're looking for a method to personalize your order exports from Shopify. If you're open to using a third-party app, DataChamp might be the ideal solution. Our app enables access to all your Shopify store data, including Metafields and Custom attributes, facilitating the creation of customized CSV exports. You can also automate your exports and schedule them according to your preferences. If you require assistance with the set up, feel free to reach out to We're here to support you whenever you need it!


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Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow the customization of the default order export CSV file. Most people use third-part apps for this like Matrixify, Report Toaster or Better Reports.

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Hi @akshaydu98 ! 

Yep, as @CloudlabSam  mentions, Matrixify is able to create customisable Orders Exports. Here are all of the columns Matrixify allows to Export for Orders - 

For more information you can reach out to us directly as well -

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Hi @akshaydu98 

Claudia here from Better Reports.

As CloudLabSam mentioned, we can definitely help with custom reports for orders.


We have a series of built-in Orders and Order lines reports that can be customized with data from the Customers table, Inventory, some transactions data, etc.


In addition to this, Better Reports has more than 60 built-in reports available out of the box that cover many common use cases for merchants. You can schedule reports to run at set frequencies to your email or Google Drive or export the reports in CSV, Excel or PDF format.


I encourage you to install Better Reports and start your free 14-day trial and I'll be happy to set this up for you.


What do you think?

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Hi, @akshaydu98 


Nice to meet you!


As I can see you still haven't marked any reply as a solution.

So I will try to recommend you to use our application - Mipler: Advanced Reports


Here we have the Orders Detail built-in report:



The screenshot above was made with my demo instance and contains only fake data.

It can be easily customized, so we can include metafields, every property can be separated into new columns and also you can use filters by metafields properties to include only needed orders.


In addition, we have 7-days of free trial period and our support team would be glad to create any custom report especially for you, just drop me a line.


Link to Mipler at Shopify Apps Store: [ link ].

Also, I will be glad to share your 10% discount code: 



Hope to see you soon 🙂

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Hey Akshaydu98,


In case you're still looking for a solution and open to using a third-party app, our EZ Exporter app can be used to create a custom order CSV export as well.  You can add your own custom fields with static values, combine values from multiple fields, manipulate data using formulas, and include metafields (customer, product, variant, and order metafields).


Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions about our app.

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