Can you find a lawyer for a class action against a disappeared online store?

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Anyone know a class action lawyer?


I recently searched for an item on the shop app, and completed the transaction. The shop no longer exists and I am stuck with the charges for an item I did not receive. I should be able to log onto the shop app and shop confidently. Shopify has responsibility for transactions conducted on their app. I know I am not alone and I am sure I am not the only one who would like to be made whole. 

Shop/shopify is impossible to get ahold of and I cannot even file a report because the shop I was robbed by is no longer available and so my purchase link they ask for is not valid. 

Shopify must be held accountable for fraud that they are profiting from. 

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Let me know if you pursue.  We were just shut down with no explanation.  This can't be legal.