Can you have Invite-only to create an account

Can you have Invite-only to create an account

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My client wants to have a new store where they asked:


Client would like the site to be “invite only” at first. So only people who are invited could order.
Maybe people can browse, but only order if they have an invite code?


Does any know how this can be done?  I was thinking the store pages would be for everyone to see but in order to purchase you couldn't create a account?  you had to be invited.  Or are there any other ways to have everyone be able to browse but only approved people order?


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According to your needs, these are apps related to Block/Hide Price
You can hide the price or add to cart button, and only allow registered and tagged customers to see the price or add to cart button, or both.


This is an example application, you can find any other app about Block/Hide Price

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Hey @GMightyQuinn!

Here is an option for you: The Helium Customer Fields app allows you to create a custom registration form and has an option to require account approval before the customer account is activated. If you combine this with Shopify's checkout setting for "Require the customer to log in to their account before checkout", it would force all customers to log in to an existing account or apply for a new account and wait for approval before they are able to order.

Here is some more information about the Customer Fields account approval system:

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