Can you make “refund to Gift Card” the default choice when doing a return?

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When doing a return, our store policy is to refund to gift card for a store credit. However, the system defaults to “refund to credit card”. Is there a way to make “refund to Gift Card” the default choice when doing a return? How can we make this the default to avoid refunds going to a customers credit card? Thanks!

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If you do a partial refund the amount is sent to the gift card first. 


If a customer made a purchase using a gift card and another method of payment, then when you perform a partial refund, the refund is applied to the gift card first, until it reaches the full amount available for refund. Then rest of the refund is applied to the other payment methods. You can adjust the refund amounts manually for each payment method up to the amount that is available for each payment method. For example, if a partial refund amount of $50 is applied to the gift card, but you can apply up to $20 to a credit card, then you could split the refund by applying $30 to the gift card, and $20 to the credit card.


From this page:

Is that not what you're wanting?

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I believe the OP is asking that the default option should be "Return to Gift Card" when the customer didn't use a gift card to make the purchase. Like if their store policy only offers store credit and no refunds. Is this available in Shopify Online Store Capabilities? I know its available on POS. 

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hey @Kristinoreilly,


It's not necessarily the default within Shopify but we just added the ability to do this within our app. Also you can do it from the Shopify admin panel. Below is a quick pic. Feel free to check out my app I put a link below as well:


Link - iziGift  


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