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Can you permanently delete tags from a Shopify account?

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Is it possible to delete tags from a Shopify account?
We have created way too many tags and it causes a lot of confusion to our Shopify management team. Can we permanently remove tags and organize our tags directory somehow?

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Hi @KimB95,


This does need to be done manually but it's possible to delete tags in bulk. This can be done for tags used for products, orders, customers, blog posts, and draft orders. Once all incidences of a tag is removed, it will no longer appear as a suggested tag when you're tagging new products, orders, etc.


The bulk editor for removing tags can be accessed by heading to the Products section of the Shopify admin, selecting multiple products, and selecting "Remove tags" for the selected products:




 This will remove all tags from the selected products.

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Does this delete the tag from the actual store or will it keep showing up as an option when you add tags in the future? Why isn't there a clear, easy way to see all tags in existence and clean the list? Woocommerce have this, it's very clear and easy.


Your answer looks like it's explaining how to remove tags from products, which was not the question and is a no brainer.

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Hello @KimB95,

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To delete tags and organize your tags directory in Shopify, do the following steps.

-> Access your Shopify admin account by logging in.

-> Within your Shopify admin dashboard, navigate to the sidebar menu and select "Products".

-> On the Products page, choose "All products" to display your list of products.

-> Locate the specific product that includes the tags you intend to eliminate.

-> Open the details of the selected product by clicking on it.

-> In the product details, find the Tags section, which shows the tags associated with that product.

-> To remove a tag, simply click on the "x" button next to the tag you wish to delete.

-> Shopify will ask for confirmation before permanently deleting the tag. Click on "Delete" to proceed.

-> Repeat these steps for each product that contains the tags you want to eliminate.

For bulk add or remove tags :

You can perform bulk actions on the Desktop to add or remove tags on multiple products, transfers, customers, blog posts, orders, or draft orders. Additionally, on Mobile, you can also add or remove order tags in bulk.

Perform bulk editing of tags for Products, Transfers, Customers, Blog posts, and Draft Orders.
Access the corresponding section in your Shopify admin by clicking on Products, Transfers, Customers, Blog posts, or Draft Orders.

* Check the product, transfer, customer, blog post, or draft order you want to tag.
* Select either the "Add tags" or "Remove tags" option.
* Choose the tags you wish to add or remove by clicking on them.
* Click Save.

You can refer to this guide to add and remove tags in bulk.

I trust this will be of benefit to you.


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This answer does not address the fact that you are giving instructions on how to delete tags off of multiple products, transfers, customers, blog posts, orders, or draft orders, which is not the question.


The question is - how to fully delete a tag so that it is NO LONGER an autofill option. 


This is easily tested by putting a unique tag on ONE product ONLY. If you then delete that unique tag on that product, that tag can STILL be used always and forever on any other multiple products, transfers, customers, blog posts, orders, or draft orders moving forward with autofill. 


We want to know how to delete that tag from use forever. Where does this list live?

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So after a long time trying to get this answer from a Shopify chat session, what I understand is that if you remove the tag from all the products it's on, it effectively deletes the tag from your store. (Keep in mind that it takes a few refreshes to actually see it deleted once you remove the tag from products.)


1. Remove tag from all products.

2. It is deleted from store.


However, this is such a weird hidden feature. I don't understand why they don't have a simple list showing all available tags that you can then edit or remove—it's ridiculous.

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Hello - this is incorrect. If you put a single unique tag on a single product as a test, you know exactly where all instances of it are because you only added it one time to one product, and delete it - it still exists.  

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I tested this too with a Shopify chat 'expert' and I thought the same. Turned out I was cached and it had deleted the tag. Just like when you add a new tag, it takes a short while for it to appear for selection on other products, it also works in reverse and takes a short while for it to show as deleted.


I've just tested it again and I'm correct. You need to wait for the cache to properly clear, but it does in fact delete the tag if you remove it from all products.

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It only work for products and orders but not for customers… 

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They don't have such a simple basic feature so that those who need it go pay for a 3rd party app to do it. I'm getting more disgusted day by day by Shopify's ugly ways to make more money. I understand one may happily pay for an app to have some really advanced features but .... editing tags !!!? This is so ridiculous. And BTW, it seems few months ago there used to be such a feature where you can access the tags list from the Shopify Admin Products menu but not anymore!

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