Can you sell supplements on Shopify in the EU?

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Hi Guys,


I'm told we cannot set up a supplements store on the Shopify platform, however I see many already have.


So is this actually policed or is it okay to do this in the EU.


Also, just before you point it out, they are all using Shopify Payments, not alternatives like Paypal etc.



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Hello @!


We do have a list of restricted or prohibited products on Shopify, and you can learn more about this through this link on our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP),  which details the activities that are prohibited on the platform and go against the AUP.


There, you will also find the  detailed breakdown of specific restricted items here that cannot be sold on the platform.


When it comes to Supplements, while they can be sold on Shopify and using Shopify Payments, the biggest concern would be any kind of health claims/promises the make that could potentially go against advertiser policies.


If you wish to advertise your goods on platforms such as Google or Facebook, you must take into account their own policies and regulations around what products can be advertised there. If a product can be sold on Shopify, it does not always guarantee that you will be able to advertise it on a platform that outlines it as a "prohibited item".


For more information I have links to the Meta (Facebook) Advertising Standards and Google Advertising Policies.


What kind of supplements are you looking to sell? I would be happy to see if I can advise you further here.


Lana | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey Lana.

I am actually interested in selling health supplements - Such as vitamins and minerals, as well as holistic supplements (lions mane, black seed oil, fenugreek, oregano oil, milk thistle etc).

Everything I would recommend is already currently on the market by popular manufacturers. I would also be interested in supplying proteins bars, drinks, pre workout drinks etc.  

I would not be selling any diet pills, fat loss pills, or any experimental "quick fix" junk.

If you could kindly let me know the legalities or possibilities behind such an idea i would be truly grateful.  Thanks.

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Hi Lana. Where can we find a list of suppliers for dropshipping nutritional supplements through Shopify. So far I have just lookers at DSer for dropshipping supplies for the store I am in the early stages of setting up and they don't appear to have any nutritional supplements.

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I posted this comment about a year ago, how come it's  was added today? Can you remove it as resolved and remove it?

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Hi David.


May I ask how you managed to resolve this issue?

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Well, the client went it alone and set up the shop without my help, it's been running a year now with no issues. After I posted the original question, I checked again and it seemed like the policy had changed, some supplements are fine, others not so much.


Re-check the policy specific to your products and see if you're ok. Then make sure you get the HS codes right.


Other than that, I can't help much.