Can your refer to a predefined variable within a metafield?

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When multiple products will always have the same value for a particular metafield, though we might to change that value in future (let's say, warranty period)- what is the best way to configure this?

Is there somewhere where I can define a particular variable, that I refer to within metafields?

For example, I want all products sold by vendor A in category B to have the same warranty C.
Instead of a metafield where I copy paste the same "warranty" wording to all products like that, I want to refer to a single variable, so when I change the value of that, all products referring to that variable automatically have updated warranty info.

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Hi @mark187 
You can try meta object for this
There you can create definitions add entries same as metafields and assign them to metafields.

You can find more details here:, You can check this video also for more information:

Let me know if you need more details on this.

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Hi @mark187,

I recommend utilizing the Easify Product Options app (which offers a free plan) to seamlessly integrate custom warranty information into your product pages. This will allow you to tailor warranty details for specific products or groups effortlessly. If you ever need to make updates in the future, the process is streamlined within the app 🤗.

For a quick overview, check out this demo:

  • Storefront:



  • Simple App Settings:




As an optional advanced feature, you might also explore incorporating warranty options for various periods with associated additional prices. This can serve as an effective upselling strategy for your main products. For example:




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