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Canadian comp selling face to face in the USA, POS how to?

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We are a Canadian registered company with Cdn banking presently.

What are the steps to selling face 2 face in the US with tap and chip POS? 

So far the email exchanges with the help desk have left me more confused than ever.

Any insights?


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Hi @JackSprat,


Selling face-to-face in the United States with a tap and chip POS entails a few steps, which I'll go over below. However, the specifics may vary depending on the type of business you run, the products or services you sell, and the POS system you use. Based on your situation, the help desk you've contacted may be able to provide more specific advice.


  1. Obtain a tap and chip POS device: To accept payments using a tap and chip POS system, you'll need to obtain a device that supports this functionality. There are a variety of options available, such as Square, Clover, and Shopify POS, among others.

  2. Set up your POS system: Once you have a tap and chip POS device, you'll need to set it up and configure it to work with your business. This may involve connecting the device to the internet, configuring your account settings, and selecting your preferred payment methods.

  3. Connect to a payment processor: To process payments using your POS system, you'll need to connect to a payment processor. Many POS providers have their own payment processing solutions, or you can choose to use a third-party processor such as Stripe or PayPal.

  4. Accept payments: With your tap and chip POS device set up and connected to a payment processor, you can start accepting payments. To do this, your customers will typically tap or insert their card into the device, and then follow the prompts on the screen to complete the payment.

  5. Ensure compliance with regulations: When selling face-to-face in the US, there are various regulations and laws you may need to comply with, such as those related to taxes, data privacy, and payment card industry standards. Be sure to do your research and ensure that your business is operating in compliance with these requirements.

Don't be afraid to ask for more information or look for further resources, like as online tutorials or documentation from your POS supplier, if you find the advice provided by your support desk to be unclear or confusing.


If you are confused by the help desk's advice, it is critical that you communicate this to them and request further clarification. You could also request step-by-step instructions or screenshots to help you better understand the process.


You should also check the documentation or support resources provided by your POS provider. Many POS providers provide comprehensive documentation, video tutorials, and online support forums to assist you in troubleshooting and learning how to use the system effectively.


If you're still having trouble understanding the process, consider contacting a third-party consultant or expert who specializes in POS systems or payment processing. They can provide tailored advice and support based on your specific situation and requirements.


Hope this helps you!