Cancelation emails aren't sent via Shopify API | both in Shopify + MailChimp > How to make this work

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Hi everybody,

Question to which I am unable to find the answer. Hope y'all can share your thoughts on this.

- I use an app/service ('ChannelEngine') that controls Shopify via the API

- When I cancel or refund orders the money is returned correctly to the customer, however, no updates are sent to them

- It seems to be a Shopify API issue that doesn't allow for automatic emails to be sent for refunds/cancelations

- As a work-around I have setup Mailchimp to take care of this through 'automations', which works like a charm! 


One challenge I keep facing though:

- MailChimp can send order confirmations (no need, as Shopify always sends theirs) and refund emails (I do Shipping updates via a different partner).

- The one email that doesn't get sent is the Cancelation email


It would help me greatly if:

- Someone can explain me how to get the cancelation flow - via the API calls - working in Shopify itself

- Given the fact that MailChimp does 'everything' well, besides the cancelation email it would be amazing if someone can shed some light on the possible reason(s) why.

- I can include a general story about cancelation/returns in the refund email as a last resort (killing 2 birds with 1 stone), however, that is not a very elegant solution.


Thanks a bunch!




- Screenshot of the order timeline + cancelation through the API (of ChannelEngine)

- Screenshots of the MailChimp automation scheme @#lifesaver