Cancelled Orders - Not Deducting From Totals

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I have noticed that if you create an order in Shopify POS (pending payment), if you then go to cancel this order in Shopify Admin. The amount on the order isn’t refunded/deducted from your totals. So the order is cancelled and the items restocked but the amount is still showing. So it looks as though I have taken more money that I actually have.


Prior to Dec 2023, when you cancelled an order it automatically reduced the order to £0. But clearly something has changed after this.


The only way to rectify this, is after you have cancelled the order in Shopify Admin you then need to go into Shopify POS and manually refund the order. You can’t refund a cancelled order in Shopify Admin.


I have gone in and done this for all my cancelled orders in 2024 and I’m actually £624 down on what I thought I was. 

I have approached Shopify twice about this and they don’t seem to understand the impact this has/is having on peoples figures, taxes etc. The figures are wrong and I have ended up paying more VAT than I should have because there figures said I over £600 extra in orders.


An example of an order: made on the 11th, cancelled on the 13th and the figures are still showing in my totals. No matter which report you run, a deduction/refund doesn’t appear. 


I can’t understand why Shopify don’t understand the issue. If you create and order and don’t take any payment, then when you cancel it, the total should change to £0. There’s no instances where anyone would need the total on the order to remain when an order has been cancelled.


If you cancel an order where payment has been taken, then this goes to £0.



If you view “All Orders” in shopify admin and then filter on “status > cancelled”. It will show all your cancelled orders. If next to those orders you have an amount, then that amount will appear in your figures as a sale and not a deduction. So if like me, you do your accounting based on Shopify’s figures, your accounts will be wrong!


Anyone else having this problem? Has anyone else noticed it?

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I agree! Cancelled orders' values should be deducted from the sales total. Just happened to me today that I have to do refund but they didn't pay with cards so technically I couldn't use "refund" feature here. However, I have cancelled the order, the stock got restored, but the total still included that order... it's so annoying

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They have since updated this after a massive battle with them. They eventually agreed it was wrong.

Have you tried updating your apps to the current version?

I think in cases like yours, when a customer has paid via any method, you are best off creating a return and issuing a “refund” even if they didn’t pay through Shopify. That way it will deduct correctly.

The issue I had was cancelling orders when no payment had been made and the order was unfulfilled. But that seems to be fixed now.

To solve the issue with the order you have had today, if you go back into the order after you have cancelled it and issue a refund. Then it will knock it to £0.