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How can I cancel the subscription of an app?


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If the app is billed via your Shopify admin (ie. you see the charge for the app on your monthly billing statement -- ie. go into your Admin > Settings > Billing > Subscriptions) ... then you simply need to remove/delete the app from your store, and the billing for it will also be canceled. 


If the app charges you via a third-party system (ie. it's not part of your Shopify monthly billing), then you would need to cancel the subscription via the app, before removing it from your store. If you're having trouble finding where to cancel the subscription within the app (and you're sure that it's being billed by a third-party, and not via the Shopify admin), then you can always reach out to the app's respective support team to request cancellation.

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@OlaKhaled Visit the application and navigate to their pricing page. Verify if there is a free plan available that you can switch to, as this action will promptly terminate the paid subscription.

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