Cannot add credit card and can't get support

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When I try to replace my payment method and add a new credit card, page won't allow me to put any details there and a lock icon appears on the right. I have read the other posts about it and figured that you can resolve the issue by contacting support.


However, when try to get support it puts me to a page where I need to select my store and when I click on my store, it says there is a technical problem and sends me back to help center. Please help me.Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 16.00.02.png

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How would you do it?

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Hey, @Sotexon


I understand you're experiencing an issue when attempting to enter your credit card information. Before you contact support, and I assist you in doing so, I'd love to help you resolve the issue regarding your billing.


Are you referring to the lock icon on the Credit card text box that's highlighted in the screenshot below? If you are, please note that this is an icon that indicates all transactions are secure and encrypted. If you tap the lock or hover your mouse over it, a text box will appear stating this. To further clarify, it's not an indication that you can't enter your credit card information. You should be able to do so even with the lock icon present.





Now, do you mind telling me which country your store is located in and what language your admin is in? There's a known issue regarding unresponsive credit card information fields, and it's related to a store's country and admin's language. I'd like to investigate and confirm if this is the issue you're experiencing, so please let me know as soon as you can.


Before you get back to me, I recommend performing some local troubleshooting steps to rule out or confirm the possibility of this being a local issue. Please try the following steps and see if you can enter your credit card details after performing each one.


  • Clear the cookies and cache of your browser. After this, completely reboot the browser.
  • Try a different web browser, as well as an incognito window or private browsing window to rule out any browser issues. If you are still experiencing the error using incognito, confirm you have disabled browser extensions as these can change how the pages look.
  • Ensure the web browser is up-to-date on the latest version.
  • Try another device, such as another computer or mobile phone.
  • Try another internet connection (switching to a cellular network on a phone rather than wifi, for example).
  • Try the Shopify Mobile app
  • Ensure you do not have any firewalls or pop up blockers enabled on your device as these can interfere.


Feel free to reply to this post to update me on the outcome of the troubleshooting and share your country and admin language, so I can look into this issue. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Summer | Social Care @ Shopify 
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