Cannot adjust order total? What year are we in?

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I am totally shocked to find out that a thing as simple adjusting order total, is not available in order editing. And not a single app provides this feature. Can someone explain this  to me?


If an order was place and despite the prices of the items, I want to lower the total or adjust the total in anyway, I have no way to do this. I can refund some money but in other order list it will still show the old price. 


I cannot be the on one that ever needed this.



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Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to do this.


Here's a thread going on three years where people are asking to be able to add/remove discounts to an existing order:


On the API side, I know the order total is calculated based on the other fields, so the only to adjust it would be to add a discount, but you can't do that with existing orders sadly

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Hi. Thanks for replying. Wow im surprised. Is there any logic behind this as to why not? Whats so hard about providing this? Why cant they just build it in?