Cannot de-stock item from location because of unfulfilled order and cannot fulfil the order

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Hi there! I have placed a test order with a new product, that is now stuck and cancelled and unfulfilled. I would like to stock this item at only one of my two locations, but cannot do it, because of the error:

Can’t unstock from this location because it has unfulfilled orders.
When i go to the unfulfilled orders, i cannot fulfil them with any methods available on the forum. 
Does that mean I will never be able to de-stock this item?
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I have the same issue.  and the order that's blocking this is canceled and older than 60 days so I'm quite frustrated because it seems like I'm just stuck.  Any suggestions anyone?

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Same here!

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I came across this after searching Shopify's error message in Google: "Can't unstock from this location because it has committed inventory"


And figured out the solution. Sharing here in case someone in the future finds this the same way I did.


1. Find the order(s) that has that product unfulfilled

2. If the order is archived (closed), click More actions button and Unarchive

3. Now you can edit the order

4. Fulfill the line item, then archive the order

5. If you can't do step 4, then click the 3 dots in the fulfillment box and select Change Location

6. Change locations of the item, then repeat step 4


Committed inventory just means it's assigned to that location in an order, and you have to either re-assign the location or fulfill the item to clear that committed inventory.


Hope that helps someone.



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