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Unable to delete product at all.  Based on previous topics, this has been an ongoing issue for years.  Where's the support???

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Hi, @cosmicrecords 

Eunice here from Shopify, thanks for posting, and welcome to the Community! I'd love to help you out with your issue.

To learn how to delete products check out the step-by-step guide below:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to products.

  2. Click the product that you want to delete.

  3. On the product details page, click 'Delete product'.

  4. Click 'Delete product'.

If you have more than one product to delete then you'll be able to perform a 'bulk action' allowing you to delete lots of products at once. Check out this help document from the Shopify Help Center to learn more.

Do these actions work for you? If they don't, are you able to tell me a little bit more about what you're seeing? Do any error messages appear?

Also, have you tried deleting your products from more than one device? If you haven't, try deleting them from a different device, such as an iPad or a different computer PC, and see what happens.

Hope to hear from you soon.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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The "delete" procedure you described works MAYBE one time in a hundred... if you're lucky.  The vast majority of the time it does absolutely nothing at all.  I can provide videos if you'd like.  Nothing else works reliably either.  For example, you can't select a bunch of products and assign them to a Category.  Or Tag them.  Or anything else, really.  You have to know this already if you're using the product on a regular basis.

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How is there no follow up to this after so long? 
He told you clearly that the delete procedure you descrtibe isnt working and yet there is no follow up. So wasteful

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having same issue

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Having the same issue. I delete the produts and when I get back they are there again!! Shopify should have done something about it. 

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I  asked chat assistance and they immediately were so helpful. Finally it has to do with the apps connected. In my case I should delete the products from the Sunchee marketplace then sync and then the changes would appear in the shop. Very easy solution. Support is great.


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I am having the same issue deleting draft products.  I delete them and a few minutes later they reappear.

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Deleting products in Shopify is a real pain. You can only delete page by page, and it will take forever. 

I have built an app which solves this problem. You can perform the following actions and also combine them together.


- Delete all products.

- Delete products by vendor(s).

- Delete out-of-stock products.

- Delete product by status.




You can also read our blog post for more details.

Watch a short demo here.