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Hey folks, i am getting an error from a site audit stating that i have 98 Canonical URLs with no incoming internal links. i have worked tirelessly trying to optimize this site as it is my business. i am running into an area that i could use a bit of direction or assistance. any reply would be very much appreciated. thank you, dan   site is-

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Im Also struggling with this. What theme do you have ? Ive got supply. Ive looked through old advice but i cant seem to find the code they are talking about. I Have 1900 link warnings.

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Parm, i am using a free theme called Debut. i was able to find the code on line 2 of the product-card-grid.liquid file. 

looks like this:   {{ product.url | within: collection }}

was told to edit to look like this:    {{ product.url }}


it is likely that shopify is using the site/product/item url as the canonical and this cannot be edited.

if your products pages are all showing the site/collection/product/item in the url box, removing the 'within: collection' in the code should correct the internal linking issue for those urls.

i am waiting for my site to be crawled again to know if it worked but i am pretty confident. hope this helps.

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I have have also fixed the issue with 'within: collection' however I am getting issues with tags were shopify are building the URL


I think I can fix it by updating Robot.txt to not crawl these. Anyway I found brilliant sources of information, see below.