Cant click or do any changes on my header

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Hello I have a problem with my header. I dont know how it happened. I just closed my pc and the next day it got this problem. I cant click or do any changes on my header. I tried to upload the whole theme from zero but even with that i cant do any changes. Can someone please help me to fix my header. I am new in the community and tried to find a solution but I dont know what the problem causes. And my header just disappeared from my website. I cant only see when I try to customize it. 

My store URL is


 Video link for my problem


Update: I changed the all header version and the theme liquid's code with the lines which has 'include' to 'render'. The main problem is fixed but I cant still click or customize anything from my panel. I can change it from inside the code and i did. It works for now. The problem was (as i found from some researches in, the 'include' command is not taking all the codes from other pages but the 'render' command does. Please update me if there is a better solution or if I am wrong in anything. I dont want to inform people wrong. 

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