Cant make a single sale! Need traffic to my store please help

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Hi I'm new to this I have had my store for over a month now post on Facebook and Instagram don't really have a budget for ads and I guess because of this I get no traffic at all my site is I feel maybe I need to invest more but I'm on a tight budget so do everything manually when it comes to posts and making my own adds. I've been told that TikTok is the main place to advertise but it costs alot apparently..Please I need help maybe I should revamp my store and make it a single niche store rather than a wide variety store.

Please I'm open to suggestions. Matbe there's free ways of getting significant amount of traffic to my store or maybe my store needs more work please let me know any advice you may have.


Please visit my site at 


  • Thank you kindly in advance for all your feedback.
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Hello Trendzone101,

Congratulations on your new store. As a new store  you may follow these steps:

1. Give your store more professional look

2. Add live chat feature

3. it's always recommended to start niche specific site when you've limited resource or budget. So try to narrow down your niche.

4. increase social media engagement on facebook instagram, pinterest tiktok snapcaht.

5. Do content marketing like meems, video content, reels or short video.

6. Offer free shipping with combo package.

If you can follow these modern marketing strategy your business will make incredible.

Feel free to ask anything if you've any queries.


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A wide variety store is a completely different ball game. Of course you should niche down! 

Think deeply on where most of your chosen niche customers hang out, and then try to get your site in front of their eyes. 


Some comments, less relevant right now because you have much deeper problems:

  1. Instead of that gmail address, use address or anything of the like because it's more professional
  2. Your contacts are best on the header and footer
  3. Don't bother with newsletter until you have something to give your users for signing up
  4. You need a more classical brand logo, try brainstorming one with ChatGPT (GPT-4) generating images, and once you have come closer to what you like, get a designer you know personally iron out the details
  5. You must think of the emotion, the feeling your target market person gets when arriving on your landing page
  6. Don't bother blogging at this stage
  7. Remove everything from your page that isn't directing the user to an action you want the user to take - every page has to have 1 and only 1 call to action
  8. Do the McDonalds test - go to a local McDonalds and tell someone you'll pay for their meal if they try out your site on their phone and order something with your credit card. You'll learn plenty


good luck 🙂