Categorizing regular sized clothes from plus sized clothes.

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I am having major trouble separating regular and plus sized clothing in my store. I have created nested menus. My goal is for those menus to break down and show the sizes separately. For instance, in Dresses: there is a dropdown once you click that option for Women's Regular and Women's Plus. The problem appears when the sizes do not separate, even after I have tagged the items plus, regular, sm, 2x, etc. 


I had hoped to create this breakdown in efforts to give customers a smoother transition when shopping, instead of having everything all group together. I have created multiple collections. Nested menus are in place. But I cannot figure out how to properly separate the two groups of clothes with making everything disappear or without still seeing everything together. I have watched videos and tried to get help via chat. I'm hoping that this can help me find the missing piece. 


Thanks in advance! 

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