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Hi, I sell crystal and manifestation boxes and I am not sure what category to put them in and would love some help.

The are boxes that can be purchased for a gift or for yourself that contain everything you need to set your intention using crystals  for example, you will receive - a pouch of crystals for the intention, a white sage smudge stick, aromatherapy blend, smudging feather, scroll with instruction, card to write your intention, selenite stick, Just for you card if sending as a gift you can add a personalised message our Zodiac boxes also have an information card about the sign.

I have added an image for you to see and appreciate any help you can give me:)AQUARIUS ZODIAC RITUAL SET.jpg 

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Hi @BlueElephant

Upon reviewing the existing Shopify categories, it seems there isn't a specific niche for your products. A suggestion would be to consider placing them in a related category, such as "Religious & Ceremonial".

Additionally, if you want to provide customers with the option to include a personalized message on the information card accompanying the sign, you might find the free Easify Product Option app useful. This app allows you to effortlessly integrate either a Text Box (single-line text field) or a Text Area (multi-line text field for longer messages) 🤗.

Here's an example:

  • Storefront:



  • Simple App Settings:



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Thank you very much for the reply I will take a look 🙂